7 Tips to clean your leather bags

kolm handbag
kolm handbag

When you bought your leather bag or handbag, it’s an investment and probably cost you a lot of money, that’s why you need to make sure it can lasts forever.

Here we’re going to give several tips to protect your leather bag.

  1. NEVER use baby wipes, vinegar or any other home remedy such as tooth paste etc, since their chemicals and substances can cause damages to your leather bag. Use a warm, soapy water instead to wipe out the dirt from its surface.
  2. PUT the bag inside the dust bag when you’re not using it, they gave you the dust bag on purpose.
  3. DON’T put your bag under the direct sunlight cause it can cause the color to fade.
  4. IF the bag get stains, don’t be panic and take the bag to see a professional right away.
  5. NEVER use water on grease stains, it can damage the leather surface
  6. AVOID holding your bag if you’ve just applied hand cream, it will leave grease stains.
  7. IF your bag has an unwanted smell, open a baking powder bottle and leave it inside the bag for 24 hours. Put it carefully.

The most important thing is don’t leave your bag alone without supervision if you’re in a public space.

There are some tips from us and hope all is well with your bag.

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